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1 期刊论文 Developing   strong and tough cellulose acetate/ZIF67 intelligent active films for shrimp   freshness monitoring Carbohydrate   Polymers SCI 一区TOP 张焱(学),唐群,黄康奇(学),许宗澍(学),冯少雄(学),李和平,邹志明
2 期刊论文 Electrochemical   sensor for the simultaneous detection of CA72-4 and CA19-9 tumor markers   using dual recognition via glycosyl imprinting and lectin-specific binding   for accurate diagnosis of gastric cancer Biosens.   Bioelectron. SCI 一区TOP 罗奎(学),Chengjun   Zhao(学),Yun Luo(外),潘昌冰,李建平
3 期刊论文 Experimental   and computational studies on rhodium-catalyzed C4(5)aryl–H activation/   annulation of imidazoles with alkynes: facile synthesis of six types of   N-heterocycles Organic   Chemistry Frontiers SCI 一区TOP 田亚楠(学),吕石海(学),黄灵钰(学),文超颖(学),杨严严(学),孔翔飞,朱其萍,李世清
4 期刊论文 Common   materials, extraordinary behavior: An ultrasensitive and enantioselective   strategy for D-Tryptophan recognition based on electrochemical   Au@p-L-cysteine chiral interface Analytica   Chimica Acta SCI 一区TOP 邓亚楠(学),张子豪(学),庞元昊(学),周雪英(学),王钰(学),张云,袁亚利
5 期刊论文 Palladium-catalysed   dual ring-opening [3 + 4] annulation of isatoic anhydrides with cyclic   iodoniums to build tribenzo[b,d,f]azepines and a mechanistic DFT study Organic   Chemistry Frontiers SCI 一区TOP 黄灵钰(学),田亚楠(学),任诗妍(学),王敬薇(学),肖懿(学),朱其萍,李世清
6 期刊论文 Structure,   electrical properties, and conduction mechanism of new germanate mixed   Zn-doped In2Ge2O7 conductors INORGANIC   CHEMISTRY FRONTIERS SCI 一区TOP 曾晓玲(学),李晓辉(外),徐军古,Wang,   Xiaoge(外),邓司浩(外),何伦华(外),孙俊良(外),匡小军,邢献然(外)
7 期刊论文 Porous   capillary monolithic column coupled with ultrahigh performance liquid   chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for fast and effective separation and   determination of estrogens Analytica   Chimica Acta SCI 一区TOP 杨燕群(学),黄艺鹏,吴主强(学),石蕊(学),陈正毅(外),阮贵华
8 期刊论文 Band   bending caused by forming heterojunctions in Cu-Cu2O/rGO-NH2 semiconductor   materials and surface coordination of N-methylimidazole, and the intrinsic   nature of synergistic effect on the catalysis of selective aerobic oxidation   of alcohols Applied   Surface Science SCI 一区TOP Jiamei   Ma(学),Wei Zhong(外),Langlang You(外),Yi Pei(外),Chunxin Lu(外),Zhiyin   Xiao(外),Zhongquan Shen(外),Xiujuan Jiang(外),Nianlong Qian(外),Xiaoming   Liu(外),张淑华
9 期刊论文 Biosynthesis   of silver nanoparticle composites based on hesperidin and pectin and their   synergistic antibacterial mechanism International   Journal of Biological Macromolecules SCI 一区TOP 赵志远(学),李培骏,谢闰生(学),曹兴业(学),苏东林(外),单杨(外)
10 期刊论文 High-performance   multifunctional polyvinyl alcohol/starch based active packaging films   compatibilized with bioinspired polydopamine nanoparticles International   Journal of Biological Macromolecule SCI 一区TOP 余劲灵(学),魏东(学),李双益(学),唐群,李和平,张子昂(学),胡文凯(学),邹志明
11 期刊论文 Changes   in the intestinal microbiota of healthy adults induced by brown yogurt and   relationships of bacterial taxa with specific components FOOD   & FUNCTION SCI 一区TOP 姜铁民,梁祎(学),刘斌(外),刘碧源(外),李霞,赵军英(外),李建涛(外),刘彦品(外),陈历俊(外)
12 期刊论文 Layered   Cathode Materials: Precursors, Synthesis, Microstructure, Electrochemical   Properties, and Battery Performance Small SCI 一区TOP 黄斌,程磊(外),李欣泽(学),赵早文(外),杨建文,李延伟,庞有勇,曹国忠(外)
13 期刊论文 A   near infrared fluorescent probe for detection and bioimaging of zinc ions and   hypochloric acid Analytica   Chimica Acta SCI 一区TOP 闫力强,杨虹(学),李佳(学),周翠萍(学),李琳,吴雄志,雷呈宏
14 期刊论文 Developments   and Perspectives on Robust Nano- and Microstructured Binder-Free Electrodes   for Bifunctional Water Electrolysis and Beyond Advanced   Energy Materials SCI 一区TOP Chandrasekaran   Sundaram,Mahima Khandelwal(外),范大勇,Lijun Sui(外),Jin Suk Chung(外),R. D. K.   Misra(外),Peng Yin(外),Eui Jung Kim(外),Woong Kim(外),Aravindan   Vanchiappan(外),刘勇平,Seung Hyun Hur(外),Han Zhang(外),Chris Bowen(外)
15 期刊论文 Fabrication   of highly transparent and multifunctional polyvinyl alcohol/starch based   nanocomposite films using zinc oxide nanoparticles compatibilizers International   Journal of Biological Macromolecules SCI 一区TOP 胡文凯(学),邹志明,李和平,张子昂(学),余劲灵(学),唐群
16 期刊论文 Ultrasensitive   molecularly imprinted electrochemiluminescence sensor based on   enzyme-encapsulated liposome-linked signal amplification for trace analysis Sens.   Actuat. B. Chem. SCI 一区TOP 刘光艳(学),凌俊(学),谢汉钊(学),李建平
17 期刊论文 Copper-Catalyzed   Divergent C-H Functionalization Reaction of Quinoxalin-2(1H)-ones and Alkynes   Controlled by N1-Substituents for the Synthesis of (Z)-Enaminones and   Furo[2,3-b]quinoxalines Organic   Letters SCI 一区TOP 杨光(学),熊志成(学),聂洪生(学),何美琴(学),冯琼(学),李璇(学),黄华斌(学),王守才(学),及方华(学),蒋光彬
18 期刊论文 Interface   charge density modulation of a lamellar-like spatially separated Ni9S8   nanosheet/Nb2O5 nanobelt heterostructure catalyst coupled with nitrogen and   metal (M = Co, Fe, or Cu) atoms to accelerate acidic and alkaline hydrogen   evolution reactions Chemical   Engineering Journal SCI 一区TOP Chandrasekaran   Sundaram,李娜(学),庄杨(学),Lijun Sui(外),肖智中(学),范大勇,Vanchiappan Aravindan(外),Chris   Bowen(外),吕慧丹,刘勇平
19 期刊论文 Wettability   tunable metal organic framework functionalized high internal phase emulsion   porous monoliths for fast solid-phase extraction and sensitive analysis of   hydrophilic heterocyclic amines Journal   of Hazardous Materials SCI 一区TOP 蒋香琼(学),潘红(学),阮贵华,胡昊芸(学),黄艺鹏,陈正毅(外)
20 期刊论文 A   new potassium dual-ion hybrid supercapacitor based on battery-type Ni(OH)2   nanotube arrays and pseudocapacitor-type V2O5-anchored carbon nanotubes   electrodes Journal   of Colloid and Interface Science SCI 一区TOP 石成龙(学),孙俊龙(学),庞有勇,刘勇平,黄斌,刘博天
21 期刊论文 Fused-heterocycle   engineering on asymmetric non-fullerene acceptors enables organic solar cells   approaching 29 mA/cm2 short-circuit current density Chemical   Engineering Journal SCI 一区TOP 宋远霞(学),Zhong   Ziping(外),李玲,Liu Xin(外),黄继嘉(学),吴浩(学),利明,陆振欢,俞江升(外),海杰峰
22 期刊论文 Long-term   coal chemical looping gasification using a bimetallic oxygen carrier of   natural hematite and copper ore Fuel SCI 一区TOP 刘思琦(学),何方,赵坤(外),赵海波(外),黄振(外),魏国强(外),杨文
23 期刊论文 Extremely   sensitive molecularly imprinted ECL sensor with multiple probes released from   liposomes immobilized by a light-triggered click reaction ACS   Sensors SCI 一区TOP 刘光艳(学),凌俊(学),李建平
24 期刊论文 Tyndall-Effect-inspired   assay with gold nanoparticles for the colorimetric discrimination and   quantifiation of mercury ions and glutathione Talanta SCI 一区TOP 孙垚(学),袁凯静(学),莫小梅(学),陈学江(学),邓亚楠(学),刘畅(学),袁亚利,聂瑾芳,张云
25 期刊论文 Centimeter-size   single crystal of a lead-free double perovskite for broad-spectrum   polarization-sensitive detection JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C SCI 二区top 李洲(学),Chen,   Qin(外),Wang, Ziyang(外),Fan, Yipeng(外),Zhu, Tingting(外),Ji,   Chengmin(外),匡小军,罗军华(外)
26 期刊论文 Filling   Selenium into Sulfur Vacancies in Ultrathin Tungsten Sulfide Nanosheets for   Superior Potassium Storage ACS   Applied Materials & Interfaces SCI 二区top 朱庆,李文豪(学),吴锦鑫(学),田宁郴(外),李延伟,杨建文,刘博天
27 期刊论文 Rh(III)-Catalyzed   One-Pot Three-Component Diannulation of Benzils, Ammonium Acetate, and   Alkynes to Build 1,1′- Biisoquinolines Journal   of Organic Chemistry SCI 二区top 吕石海(学),田亚楠(学),杨严严(学),文超颖(学),李世清
28 期刊论文 Vacancy   engineering in WS(2 )nanosheets for enhanced potassium-ion storage Journal   of Power Sources SCI 二区top 朱庆,李文豪(学),吴锦鑫(学),田宁郴(外),李延伟,杨建文,刘博天,姜吉琼
29 期刊论文 Dimethylaminoethyl   Methacrylate/Diethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate Grafted onto Folate-Esterified   Bagasse Xylan/Andrographolide Composite Nanoderivative: Synthesis, Molecular   Docking and Biological Activity Molecules SCI 二区top 苏越(学),张淑芬(外),李和平,赵斌(学),田可欣(学),邹志明
30 期刊论文 Melatonin   Treatment Improves Postharvest Quality and Regulates Reactive Oxygen Species   Metabolism in “Feizixiao” Litchi Based On Principal Component Analysis Frontiers   in Plant Science SCI 二区top 谢晶(学),覃子倚(学),潘佳丽(学),李静,李霞,邱福荣,董新红
31 期刊论文 A   strategy for efficient parallel tandem dye-sensitized solar cells based on   doubled-sided Pt electrode with a novel phenothiazine-based dye and N719 Dyes   and Pigments SCI 二区top 黄舒澄(学),史松青(学),邵五(外),孔翔飞,胡振光,武文俊(外),谭海军
32 期刊论文 Oxidative   C-H/N-H Carbonylation of Benzamide by Nickel Catalysis with CO as the   Carbonyl Source The   Journal of Organic Chemistry SCI 二区top 亢晨(学),徐嘉伟(学),李璇(学),王守才(学),蒋光彬,及方华
33 期刊论文 Antioxidative   mechanisms and anticolitic potential of Desmodium styracifolium (Osb.) Merr.   in DSS-induced colitic mice Journal   of Functional Foods SCI 二区top 李霞,刘晨鑫(学),梁军,周立,李静,陈慧英,姜铁民,关媛,邱福荣
34 期刊论文 Insights   into the Effect of Sulfur Incorporation into Tungsten Diphosphide for   Improved Hydrogen Evolution Reaction ACS   Applied Materials & Interfaces SCI 二区top 刘威(学),肖智中(学),Chandrasekaran   Sundaram,范大勇,李伟,吕慧丹,刘勇平
35 期刊论文 Facile   and efficient synthesis of binary FeOOH/Fe2O3 composite as a high-performance   anode material for lithium-ion batteries Journal   of Alloys and Compounds SCI 二区top 金秀影(学),李延伟,金腾飞(学),姜吉琼,朱庆,姚金环
36 期刊论文 Effects   of chlorpyrifos on the metabolic profiling of Bacillus megaterium strain RRB Chemosphere SCI 二区top 张明霞(学),李勇(外),木其尔(学),Fayun   Feng(外),余向阳(外),Jing Ge(外),张云,聂瑾芳
37 期刊论文 Polarization-Sensitive   Photodetection in a Two-Dimensional Interlayer-Multiple-Cation Hybrid   Perovskite Bulk Single Crystal Journal   of Materials Chemistry C SCI 二区top 陈钦(学),Ziyang   Wang(外),范一蓬(学),Zhou Li(学),张淑华,Junhua Luo(外),Chengmin Ji(外)
38 期刊论文 Multifunctional   integrated VN/V2O5 heterostructure sulfur hosts for advanced lithium–sulfur   batteries Nanoscale SCI 二区top 刘博天,李欢(学),石成龙(学),孙俊龙(学),肖顺华,庞有勇,杨建文,李延伟
39 期刊论文 Exploration   of anti-chromium mechanism of marine Penicillium janthinellum P1 through combinatorial transcriptomic   analysis and WGCNA Ecotoxicology   and Environmental Safety SCI 二区top 鲍胜男(学),母嘉玮(学),尹平川(学),陈慧英,周胜(外)
40 期刊论文 Investigation   of zinc storage capacity of WS2 nanosheets for rechargeable aqueous Zn-ion   batteries Journal   of Alloys and Compounds SCI 二区top 唐斌(学),田宁郴(外),姜吉琼,李延伟,杨建文,朱庆
41 期刊论文 Na3V2(PO4)2F3@bagasse   carbon as cathode material for lithium/sodium hybrid ion battery PHYSICAL   CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS SCI 二区top 郭容婷(学),李伟,鲁明峻(学),吕奕菊,艾慧婷(学),孙丹(学),刘峥,韩国成(外)
42 期刊论文 Effect   of Polysaccharides From Enteromorpha intestinalis on Intestinal Function in   Sprague Dawley Rats Frontiers   in Pharmacology SCI 二区top 李霞,张淼(学),邱福荣,姜铁民,关媛,李培骏
43 期刊论文 Self-ordered   nano-concave-regulated Al foil   anode for high-stability dual-ion batteries Journal   of Alloys and Compounds SCI 二区top 彭宁,王盼(学),徐桂仁(学),赵安宁(学)
44 期刊论文 Polymorphism   and light conversion properties of anthracene-based isomers Dyes   and Pigments SCI 二区top 王永涛,钱哲安(学),李雪明,秦安军(外),郭燕军,唐本忠(外)
45 期刊论文 Bismuth-based   BiOBrxI1–x/Ti3C2 mxene schottky nanocomposites for Hg2+ photoelectrochemical   sensors ACS   Appl. Nano Mater. SCI 二区 肖伟(学),徐文娟(学),黄万锦(学),周玉(学),靳珍欢(学),魏小平,李建平
46 期刊论文 Development   of lucigenin-N-hydroxyphthalimide chemiluminescence system and its   application to sensitive detection of Co2+ Spectrochim.   Acta A SCI 二区 姬凯祥(学),Fangshuo   Liu(外),Tesfaye Hailemariam Barkae(外),Shuai Quan(学),Abdallah M Zeid(外),Wei   Zhang(外),李建平,Guobao Xu(外)
47 期刊论文 Ligand-variable   metal clusters charge transfer in Ce-Por-MOF/AgNWs and their application in   photoelectrochemical sensing of ronidazole Microchim.   Acta SCI 二区 康津笙(学),Xionghui   Ma(外),Yuwei Wu(外),Chaohai Pang(外),Shuhuai Li(外),李建平,Yuhao Xiong,(外),Jinhui   Luo(外),Mingyue Wang(外),Zhi Xu(外)
48 期刊论文 Effect   of heat treatment on the electrochemical performance of V2O5.nH2O as a   cathode material for aqueous rechargeable zinc ion batteries Journal   of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry SCI 二区 李佳奇(学),李延伟,姚金环,黄斌,姜吉琼,杨建文
49 期刊论文 In   vitro binding capacities, physicochemical properties and structural   characteristics of polysaccharides fractionated from Passiflora edulis peel Food   Bioscience SCI 二区 孙永进(学),杨可(学),张欣(学),李丽芬,张会香,周立,梁军,李霞
50 期刊论文 Ultrasensitive   Detection of DNA Methyltransferase Activity: A Novel Dual-Amplification   Fluorescence Technique Analyst SCI 二区 温其霖(学),李丹丹(学),黄桂丹(学),奚怀(学),潘宏程,张连明,李子院,肖晓芬(外),朱文远
51 期刊论文 A   photochromic salicylaldehyde hydrazone derivative based on C=N isomerization   and ESIPT mechanisms and its detection of Al3+ in aqueous solution Spectrochimica   Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy SCI 二区 闫力强,杨虹(学),刘楠(学),孟凤娟(学),张仕青(学)
52 期刊论文 Iron(0)   tricarbonyl eta(4)-1-azadiene complexes and their catalytic performance in   the hydroboration of ketones, aldehydes and aldimines via a non-iron hydride   pathway DALTON   TRANSACTIONS SCI 二区 罗佳彬(学),崔成国(学),肖志音(外),钟伟(外),吕春欣(外),姜秀娟(外),李雪明,刘小明(外)
53 期刊论文 Metabolic   Engineering to Improve Docosahexaenoic Acid Production in Marine Protist   Aurantiochytrium sp. By Disrupting 2,4-Dienoyl-CoA Reductase FRONTIERS   IN MARINE SCIENCE SCI 二区 (Liang,   Shitong)(外),Yang, Xuewei(外),Zhu, Xingyu(外),Ibrar, Muhammad(外),Liu,   Liangxu(外),Li, Siting(外),李霞,Tian, Tian(外),Li, Shuangfei(外) 我校为第三署名单位
54 期刊论文 Cell   nucleus localization and high anticancer activity of quinoline-benzopyran   rhodium(III) metal complexes as therapeutic and fluorescence imaging agents Dalton   Transactions SCI 二区 Zhen-Feng   Wang(学),Xiao-Ling Nai(外),Yue Xu(外),Feng-Hua Pan(外),唐富顺,qiping Qin(外),Lin   Yang(外),张淑华
55 期刊论文 Na2MnPO4F/Ti3C2-CQDs   composite cathode material with enhanced electrochemical properties for   lithium/sodium hybrid ion battery Diamond   & Related Materials SCI 二区 孙丹(学),郭容婷(学),吕奕菊,李伟,鲁明峻(学),韦秋梅(学),刘峥,韩国成(外)
56 期刊论文 Chitosan-based   molecularly imprinted photoelectric sensor with ZnO/Bi2O3/Bi2S3 sensing layer   for thiamethoxam determination Microchim.   Acta SCI 二区 肖伟(学),王良风(学),魏小平,李建平
57 期刊论文 Theoretical   and Experimental Studies of Gallate Melilite Electrides from Topotactic   Reduction of Interstitial Oxide Ion Conductors Inorganic   Chemistry SCI 二区 周立佳(学),张衿潇,尹从岭,Luhui   Meng(外),李嘉晨(学),李越湘(外),Franck Fayon(外),Mathieu Allix(外),匡小军
58 期刊论文 Borates   as a new direction in the design of oxide ion conductors SCIENCE   CHINA-MATERIALS SCI 二区 李晓辉(外),杨利(学),Zhu,   Zhenyu(外),Wang, Xiaoge(外),Chen, Pohua(外),Huang, Senchuan(外),魏先益(学),Cai,   Guohong(外),Manuel, Pascal(外),Yang, Sihai(外),Lin, Jianhua(外),匡小军,孙俊良(外)
59 期刊论文 Chemiluminescence   of lucigenin-tetracycline and its application for sensitive determination of   procyanidin J.   Food Drug Anal. SCI 二区 全帅(学),姬凯祥(学),Fangshuo   Liu(外),Tesfaye Hailemariam Barkae(外),Mohamed Ibrahim Halawa(外),Saima   Hanif(外),Baohua Lou(外),李建平,Guobao Xu(外)
60 期刊论文 Functionalizing   graphene with clay nanosheets as a protein carrier Collloid   and Interface Science Communications SCI 二区 王秋平(学),王孟(学),雷呈宏,闫力强,吴雄志,李琳
61 期刊论文 Anticorrosion   performance of hydrophobic acid-modified-MOFs/ epoxy coatings Colloid   and Interface Science Communications SCI 二区 魏润芝(学),刘峥,韦文厂(学),王胜(学),吕奕菊,韩国成(外)
62 期刊论文 Mesoporous   vanadium nitride as anion storage electrode for reverse dual-ion hybrid   supercapacitor iScience SCI 二区 石成龙(学),孙俊龙(学),陈文俊(学),季发奇(学),庞有勇,刘博天
63 期刊论文 A   new class of nickel(II) oxyquinoline-bipyridine complexes as potent   anticancer agents induces apoptosis and autophagy in A549/DDP tumor cells   through mitophagy pathways Dalton   Transactions SCI 二区 Zhen-Feng   Wang(学),Qiao-Chang Wei(外),Jin-Xian Li(外),Zhen Zhou(外),张淑华
64 期刊论文 Insight   on the microscopic binding mechanism of bisphenol compounds (BPs) with   transthyretin (TTR) based on multi-spectroscopic methods and computational   simulations Analytical   and Bioanalytical Chemistry SCI 二区 黄木薇(学),黄肖梅(学),雍莉(学),贾丹(学),苗王丽(学),刘红艳,易忠胜
65 期刊论文 Zn-based   coordination polymers with tricarboxylic acid ligand: fluorescence sensor   toward Fe3+ and MnO4- Journal   of Molecular Structure SCI 二区 张秀清,陈方敏(学),文庆(学),周池池(学),贺雄(外),黎燕,刘汉甫(外)
66 期刊论文 Electrochemical   sensor based on Ti3C2 membrane doped-with UIO-66-NH2 for dopamine Microchimica   Acta SCI 二区 温明臻(学),邢影(学),刘光艳,侯士立,侯士峰
67 期刊论文 Electrochemical   Performance and Behavior Mechanism for Zn/LiFePO4 Battery in a Slightly   Acidic Aqueous Electrolyte ChemSusChem SCI 二区 刘鑫鑫(学),熊伟雄(学),郑家炜(学),吴金梅(学),黄斌,朱庆,李延伟,肖顺华,陈权启,杨建文,杨兆凌(外)
68 期刊论文 Complexes   of Zn(II) with mixed tryptanthrin derivative and curcumin chelating ligands   as a new promising anticancer agents Dalton   transactions SCI 二区 王振凤(学),Qun-Xue   Nong(外),Hua-Lian Yu(外),Qi-Pin Qin(外),Feng-Hua Pan(外),MingXiong Tan(外),hong Liang(外),张淑华
69 期刊论文 A   Critical Review on Organic Small Fluorescent Probes for Monitoring Carbon   Monoxide in Biology Critical   Reviews in Analytical Chemistry SCI 二区 闫力强,杨虹(学),张仕青(学),周翠萍(学),雷呈宏
70 期刊论文 Study   on the forming mechanism and corrosion resistance of doping graphene   composite film on the 6061 Al alloy Journal   of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry SCI 二区 马明明(学),曹一军(学),王琪(学),尚伟,彭宁,温玉清
71 期刊论文 Imidazole   compounds: Synthesis, characterization and application in optical analysis Critical   Reviews in Analytical Chemistry SCI 二区 王俊杰(学),丁欣(学),蓝珍妮(学),刘光艳,侯士立,侯士峰
72 期刊论文 A   versatile and ultrasensitive molecularly imprinted electrochemiluminescence   sensor with HRP-encapsulated liposome labeled by light-triggered click   reaction for pesticide residues Microchim.   Acta SCI 二区 刘光艳(学),Shiyu   Li(学),蒋泽军(学),李建平
73 期刊论文 Simple,   rapid, portable and quantitative sensing of Fe3+ions via analyte-triggered   redox reactions mediating Tyndall effect enhancement of Au nanoparticles MICROCHEMICAL   JOURNAL SCI 二区 莫小梅(学),黄锦坤(学),孙垚(学),陈学江(学),邓亚楠(学),刘畅(学),金文英,聂瑾芳,张云
74 期刊论文 Aptamer   functionalized and reduced graphene oxide hybridized porous polymers SPE   coupled with LC–MS for adsorption and detection of human α-thrombin Analytical   and Bioanalytical Chemistry SCI 二区 张文娟(学),胡昊芸(学),阮贵华,黄艺鹏,杜甫佑,陈正毅(外)
75 期刊论文 Ammonia   modified MXene/aniline copolymers electrochemical sensors for ultrasensitive   sensing glutathione ChemElectroChem SCI 三区 刘光艳,夏天姿(学),魏家鑫(学),侯士立,侯士峰
76 期刊论文 Analyte-triggered   in situ “off–on” of Tyndall effect for smartphone-based quantitative   nanosensing of Ag+ ions Photochemical   & Photobiological Sciences SCI 三区 胡苗(学),肖文成(学),陈意静(学),何庆(学),袁凯静(学),黄雪儿(学),金文英,张云,聂瑾芳
77 期刊论文 Enzymatic   Electrochemical Biosensor from Eu-Doped SnO2 Embedded in MXene for High   Performance Sensing Lactate CHEMELECTROCHEM SCI 三区 刘光艳,夏天姿(学),梁熙林(学),侯士立,侯士峰
78 期刊论文 Bimetal   NiCo-MOF-74 for highly selective NO capture from flux gas at ambient   conditions RSC   Advances SCI 三区 Jie   Hu(学),Lei Li(学),Hao Li(学),Ying Zhai(学),唐富顺,张哲,Banglin Chen(外)
79 期刊论文 Non-isothermal   crystallization kinetics of polycaprolactone-based composite membranes journal   of polymer research SCI 三区 庞锦英(学),Tan,   Dengfeng(外),Huang, Chunyan(外),Jiang, Tanling(外),Gao, Qifeng(外),Mo,   Xianzhong(外),张淑华
80 期刊论文 Enhanced   electrochemical performance of Na4MnCr(PO4)3@C cathode by multi-walled carbon   nanotubes interconnection for Na-ion batteries Journal   of Electroanalytical Chemistry SCI 三区 朱庆,吴锦鑫(学),李文豪(学),田宁郴(外),李延伟,杨建文,刘博天
81 期刊论文 Migration   Mechanism of Lattice Oxygen: Conversion of CO2 to CO Using NiFe2O4 Spinel   Oxygen Carrier in Chemical Looping Reactions Catalysts SCI 三区 宋达(学),林延(外),赵坤(外),黄振(外),何方,Ya   Xiong(外)
82 期刊论文 DNA-Immobilized   Special Conformation Recognition of L-Penicillamine Using a Chiral Molecular   Imprinting Technique Polymers SCI 三区 张连明,罗奎(学),高静霞(学),李建平
83 期刊论文 Interfacial   Characteristics of Na2FePO4F and Its Carbon Coated Material for   Lithium/Sodium Hybrid Ion Battery Journal   of Electroanalytical Chemistry SCI 三区 鲁明峻(学),郭容婷(学),李伟,吕奕菊,唐富顺,冯炜怡(学),刘峥,韩国成(外),詹志华(外)
84 期刊论文 Preparation   and Properties of Micro-arc Oxidation/Self-assembly Coatings with Different   Hydrophobicity on Magnesium Alloy Advanced   Engineering Materials SCI 三区 马宸(学),刘金玉(学),张志远(学),吴方(学),温玉清,尚伟
85 期刊论文 Synthesis   and Anticancer Activity of Bagasse Xylan/Resveratrol Graft-Esterified   Composite Nanoderivative Materials SCI 三区 赵斌(学),李和平,苏越(学),田可欣(学),邹志明,王文利(外)
86 期刊论文 Phenothiazine-based   porous organic polymers with high sensitivity and selective fluorescence   response to mercury ions Journal   of Solid State Chemistry SCI 三区 王鸿钰(学),邱娜(学),孔翔飞,胡振光,钟福新,谭海军
87 期刊论文 Synthesis,   Characterization and Bioactivity Evaluation of a Novel Nano Bagasse   Xylan/Andrographolide Grafted and Esterified Derivative Polymers SCI 三区 田可欣(学),李和平,赵斌(学),苏越(学),邹志明,王文利(外)
88 期刊论文 Tyndall-effect-based   colorimetric assay with colloidal silver nanoparticles for quantitative   pointof- care detection of creatinine using a laser pointer pen and a   smartphone RSC   Advances SCI 三区 袁凯静(学),孙垚(学),梁芬春(学),潘凤兰(学),胡苗(学),滑菲(学),袁亚利,聂瑾芳,张云
89 期刊论文 A   novel method to prepare Sb/graphene composite with high capacity for   potassium-ion batteries Materials   Letters SCI 三区 李文娜(学),高能双(学),李赫琛(学),孙瑞聪(学),吴继华(外),陈权启
90 期刊论文 The   effect of conjugated groups for favourable molecular planarity and efficient   suppression of charge recombination simultaneously of phenothiazine-based   organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells SYNTHETIC   METALS SCI 三区 黄舒澄(学),邵五(外),史松青(学),孔翔飞,王刚(外),胡振光,武文俊(外),谭海军
91 期刊论文 Methylation-blocked   cascade strand displacement amplification for rapid and sensitive   fluorescence detection of DNA methyltransferase activity Journal   of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis SCI 三区 温其霖(学),李丹丹(学),奚怀(学),朱文远,黄桂丹(学)
92 期刊论文 Vanadium   carbide MXene: as a reductant for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles and its   biosensing application Amino   Acids SCI 三区 刘程(学),潘红(学),胡昊芸(学),魏巍(学),赵晨曦(外),王海燕(外),杜甫佑
93 期刊论文 Sustainable   and reusable electrospun g-C3N5/MIL-101(Fe)/poly(acrylonitrile-co-maleic   acid) nanofibers for photocatalytic degradation of emerging pharmaceutical   pollutants New   Journal of Chemistry SCI 三区 朱东英(学),黄祝君(学),王海燕(外),卢求钧(外),阮贵华,赵晨曦(外),杜甫佑
94 期刊论文 Two   near-infrared fluorescent probes based on dicyanoisfluorone for rapid   monitoring of Zn2+ and Pb2+ METHODS   AND APPLICATIONS IN FLUORESCENCE SCI 三区 李佳(学),周翠萍(学),杨虹(学),吴雄志,闫力强
95 期刊论文 Construction   of multilayer superhydrophobic film on Al alloy and corrosion resistance mechanism Materials   Chemistry and Physics SCI 三区 李姣姣(学),刘家宏(学),曹一军(学),陈天凤(学),廖群(学),尚伟,彭宁,温玉清
96 期刊论文 In   situ synthesis of core–shell Al@MIL-53 anode for high-performance lithium-ion   batteries Journal   of Materials Science SCI 三区 彭宁,姜吉琼,徐桂仁(学),赵安宁(学)
97 期刊论文 Magnetic   phenolic resin core-shell structure derived carbon microspheres for ultrafast   magnetic solid-phase extraction of triazine herbicides Journal   of Separation Science SCI 三区 潘红(学),甘祖珊(学),胡昊芸(学),刘程(学),黄艺鹏,阮贵华
98 期刊论文 Decarbonylative/decarboxylative   [4 + 2] annulation of phthalic anhydrides and cyclic iodoniums towards   triphenylenes Organic   & Biomolecular Chemistry SCI 三区 黄灵钰(学),谢荣荣(学),文超颖(学),杨严严(学),王佚文(学),任诗妍(学),黄彬(学),李世清
99 期刊论文 Tetrahedral   Alignment and Covalent Bonding Enable Fast Sodium Conduction in Na3XS4(X = P,   V) JOURNAL   OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C SCI 三区 杨利(学),耿仕鹏(学),贺宇(学),明星,匡小军
100 期刊论文 Enhanced   ethopabate adsorption in monodispersed porous carbon derived from zeolitic   imidazolate framework-8 New   Journal of Chemistry SCI 三区 胡昊芸(学),阮贵华,将香琼(学),潘红(学),吴主强(学),黄艺鹏
101 期刊论文 Syntheses   of tetrahedral imidazolate frameworks with auxiliary ligand in DMSO journal   of solid state chemistry SCI 三区 Shen   Guo(学),张淑华,Fei Wang(外),Jian Zhang(外)
102 期刊论文 Polylysine-functionalized   carbon nanotubes carrying lysozyme with synergistic and potent antimicrobial   activity Journal   of Materials Science SCI 三区 王孟(学),陈明(学),王秋平(学),闫力强,李琳,王秀丽,吴雄志,雷呈宏
103 期刊论文 Polyethyleneimine-Functionalized   Carbon Nanotubes Enabling Potent Antimycotic Activity of Lyticase Polymers SCI 三区 梁伟冰(学),陈明(学),李琳,闫力强,王秀丽,吴雄志,雷呈宏
104 期刊论文 Based   on the utilization of jarosite residue: the lithium storage performance of   α-Fe2O3 materials synthesized from different iron solution systems JOURNAL   OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY SCI 三区 姚金环,李红玉(学),李延伟,杨建文,刘博天
105 期刊论文 Preparation   of PVA/PUA Microcapsules and Application in Self-healing Two-component   Waterborne Polyurethane Coatings Journal   of Coating technology and research SCI 三区 徐鑫梦(学),周忠群(学),秦良荣(学),余彩莉,张发爱
106 期刊论文 Preparation   and photoelectric properties of holmium-doped bismuth sulfide film Materials   Science in Semiconductor Processing SCI 三区 周威(学),黎燕,黄红霞,王家钰(学),钟福新
107 期刊论文 Enhanced   lithium ions storage performance of Fe2(SO4)3 anode material synthesized by   solution calcination route with the assistance of melamine Materials   Letters SCI 三区 金腾飞(学),姚金环,金秀影(学),姜吉琼,李延伟
108 期刊论文 An   efficient transition metal-free difunctionalization of alkenes in water for   the green preparation of sulfone compounds Applied   Organometallic Chemistry SCI 三区 杨光(学),王守才(学),聂洪生(学),熊志成(学),李璇(学),及方华,蒋光彬
109 期刊论文 Cu/Fe-mediated   N(sp2)-arylation/alkenylation of pyridines with aryl-/alkenylboronic acids to   yield versatile cationic materials New   Journal of Chemistry SCI 三区 王玉洲(学),余雨(学),谢荣荣(学),田亚楠(学),黄灵钰(学),吕石海(学),孟校娜(学),孔翔飞,李世清
110 期刊论文 Novel   D-A-pi-A Organic Dyes with Phenoxazine as a Donor Unit for Dye-Sensitized   Solar Cells: The Effect of an Ethynyl Group on Performance Energy   Fuels SCI 三区 梅姝(学),邵五(外),黄舒澄(学),孔翔飞,胡振光,杨苗(外),武文俊(外),谭海军
111 期刊论文 A   near-infrared Fluorescent Probe Based on Dicyanisophorone for the Detection   of Zinc Ions ( Zn2+) in Water and Living Cells Journal   of Fluorescence SCI 四区 闫力强,周翠萍(学),李佳(学),杨虹(学),吴雄志,李琳
112 期刊论文 Electrochemical   Synthesis of Shape-controlled Cu-Ni Nanocomposite and its Application for   Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensing at Nanomolar Level Electroanalysis SCI 四区 庞元昊(学),肖周锐(学),邓亚楠(学),周雪英(学),王钰(学),袁亚利,张云
113 期刊论文 Effect   of Zn2+ content in ferric chloride solution on the structure and lithium   storage performance of α-Fe2O3-based anode materials prepared by a facile   thermal decomposition method Ionics SCI 四区 姚金环,赵建雄(学),李延伟,徐美奥(学)
114 期刊论文 A   Pair of chiral dysprosium single-ion magnets with   2,6-bis[(4S/4R)4-phenyl-2-oxazolinyl]pyridine and hexafluoroacetylacetonate   ligands. Russ.   J. Coordin. Chem. SCI 四区 孔繁晔(学),韩蕙泽(学),黄生学(学),滕青湖,黎燕,张秀清,朱莉(外),王凯,梁福沛
115 期刊论文 Study   on the preparation and catalytic performance of CeO2/ La0.4Sr0.6Co0.8Ni0.2O3 hybrid materials Chemical   Physics Letters SCI 四区 王华玲(学),黄红霞,魏晨辉(学),周龙,刘津良(学)
116 期刊论文 A   pair of 2D MOFs based on [Tm2] secondary building units: syntheses,   structural variation and magnetic properties. J   Clust. Sci. SCI 四区 潘怀栋(学),吴翠娥(学),陈佳浩(学),黎燕,张秀清,滕青湖,王凯,梁福沛
117 期刊论文 Room   Temperature Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of One   Novel Decanuclear Copper Cluster Based on 3-amino-1,2,4 triazole Schiff Base Journal   of cluster science SCI 四区 Yujie   Zhang(学),Qin Chen(学),Haiyang Zhang(外),Guangzhao Li(外),张淑华
118 期刊论文 Controllable   preparation of porous Ca-Mg-Al hydroxides based adsorbents and their CO2   adsorption performances Ferroelectrics SCI 四区 冯艳艳,肖宝华(学),薄开雯(学),陈鸿(学),杨文
119 期刊论文 In-situ   growth of Co-Ni hydroxide nanosheets on 3D carbon fiber network with enhanced   capacitive performance Ferroelectrics SCI 四区 杨文,丁倩瑶(学),蓝振飞(学),冯艳艳,李彦杰(学)
120 期刊论文 Synthesis,   Structure, and Properties of Rare⁃Earth Complexes Based on Pyridine   Dicarboxylic Acid Ligands Chinese   Journal of Inorganic Chemistry SCI 四区 王胜(学),黄瑞琴(学),王绍聪(学),刘峥,唐群
121 期刊论文 Facile   preparation of porous CaMgAl hydrotalcite-like derived mixed oxides through   alkaline etching of KOH for CO2 capture Russian   Journal of Physical Chemistry A SCI 四区 薄开雯(学),冯艳艳,蓝振飞(学),杨文,李彦杰(学)
122 期刊论文 Preparation   of Dicarbonyl Iron Compounds with a Bidentate Phosphine and Their CO Release   Behaviors upon Irradiation Chinese   Journal of Inorganic Chemistry SCI 四区 罗佳彬(学),郭晋忠(外),肖志音(外),钟伟(外),李雪明,刘小明(外)
123 期刊论文 Superwettable   Dendritic Gold Nanostructured Electrode Arrays for Electrochemical   Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbant Assay (ELISA) International   Journal of Electrochemical Science SCI 四区 方萍(学),李纪顺,蒋复阳,蒙建凤(外),潘宏程
124 期刊论文 Molecularly   imprinted electrochemiluminescence sensor based on ZIF-8 doped with CdSe   quantum dots for the detection of trace estriol Luminescence SCI 四区 蒙永娟(学),蒲金灵(学),甘家美(学),李建平
125 期刊论文 Construction   of hydrophobic lauric acid film on aluminum alloy and its corrosion   resistance mechanism SURFACE   AND INTERFACE ANALYSIS SCI 四区 王琪(学),曹一军(学),李娇娇(学),李家平(学),尚伟,彭宁,陈天凤(学),廖群(学),温玉清
126 期刊论文 Solvothermal   synthesis 2D ultrathin CdSe nanosheets and its photoelectrochemical properties Int.   J. Electrochem. Sci. SCI 四区 班如静(学),徐郑艳(学),杨洋(学),范大勇,吕慧丹,刘勇平
127 期刊论文 Effects   of CrOx species doping on V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalysts on selective catalytic   reduction of NOx by NH3 at low temperature Reaction   Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis SCI 四区 Mengyin   Chen(外),Xaixia Wei(学),梁军,Shencheng Li(学),张哲,唐富顺
128 期刊论文 Synthesis,   structure and properties of two complexes based on N and S heterocyclic   dicarboxylic acid ligands MOLECULAR   CRYSTALS AND LIQUID CRYSTALS SCI 四区 王胜(学),黄瑞琴(学),李伟,吕奕菊,韩国成(外),魏润芝(学),刘峥
129 期刊论文 Metal   & Surfactant-Free oxidation of Quinoxalin-2(1H)-ones: Access to   Quinoxaline-2,3-diones Tetrahedron   Letters SCI 四区 李璇(学),臧家望(学),王守才(学),亢晨(学),徐嘉伟(学),蒋光彬,及方华
130 期刊论文 Preparation   of GQDs/TiO2 nanotube heterojunction photoanode and its photoelectrochemical performance   for water splitting Int.   J. Electrochem. Sci. SCI 四区 肖智忠(学),程圣烨(学),廖文博(学),范大勇,吕慧丹,刘勇平
131 期刊论文 Study   on Spectral Method and Computational Simulation of Chlorinated Bisphenol   Compound and Thyroxine-Binding Globulin ChemistrySelect SCI 四区 黄肖梅(学),黄木薇(学),雍莉(学),贾丹(学),苗王丽(学),易忠胜,刘红艳
132 期刊论文 Interaction   between laccase and diethylstilbestrol based on multispectral and   chromatography analyses Journal   of Molecular Recognition SCI 四区 林晓莲(学),刘红艳,唐琳(学),史梦洁(学),徐敏华(学),黄艺鹏,易忠胜,陈慧英
133 期刊论文 Effects   of1-methylcyclopropene and Abscisic Acid Treatments On Texture Properties and   Microstructures of Postharvest Tangerine (Citrus reticulata cv. Orah) Journal   of Food Processing and Preservation SCI 四区 覃子倚(学),潘佳丽(学),李静,孙健(外),邱福荣,董新红
134 期刊论文 Preparation   of Hollow-porous Rosin-based Polyurethane Microspheres with pH-responsive   characterisis Journal   of Renewable Materials SCI 四区 余彩莉,刘浩(学),邵金涛(学),张发爱
135 期刊论文 Facile   synthesis and characterization of the Mn-MOF electrode material for flexible   supercapacitors Journal   of Electrochemical Energy Conversion   and Storage SCI 四区 刘燕红(学),刘家宏(学),曹一军(学),尚伟,彭宁,龙贤豪(学),周胜军(学),温玉清
136 期刊论文 A   highly sensitive and selective molecularly imprinted sensor for direct   determination of ultra-trace Cr(III) in environmental samples ChemistrySelect SCI 四区 Jun   Ling(学),Ge Wei(学),李建平
137 期刊论文 Effect   of Bipolar Electrochemical Process on Tunnel Etching Characteristics of   Aluminum Foil Journal   of The Electrochemical Society SCI 四区 彭宁,徐桂仁(学),王盼(学),肖原(学)
138 期刊论文 Temperature-controlled   Structural Diversity of Two Cd(II) Coordination Polymers Based on the Dicarboxylate Ligand CHINESE   JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL CHEMISTRY SCI 四区 陈方敏(学),周池池(学),贺雄(学),黎燕,张秀清
139 期刊论文 Photophysical   properties and dynamics simulation of the interaction between human serum   albumin and hydroxy polybrominated diphenyl ether Spectroscopy   Letters SCI 四区 魏雨晨(学),徐婕(学),黄木薇(学),芮越凡(学),伍智蔚(学),易忠胜
140 期刊论文 Nickel   Complexes of 2,3,5,6-tetra-(2-pyridyl)pyrazine Containing [Ln(NO3)(5)](2-)   [Ln(III)=Nd, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Er] as Counterions-Syntheses, Structures and   Luminescent Properties Zeitschrift   für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie SCI 四区 侯欣文(学),叶萍(学),黎燕,王凯,梁文杰(学),张秀清
141 期刊论文 Highly   efficient removal of 2,4-dichlorophenal over a novel dual Z-scheme   heterojunction of Bi7O9I3/BiOIO3/g-C3N4 under visible-light irradiation:   performance and mechanism Journal   of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology SCI 四区 尤丹丹(学),利明,潘柱任(学),尹振阳(学),王宁(学)
142 期刊论文 Synthesis,   crystal structures, luminescence and magnetic property of two complexes based   on 5-nitroisophthalic acid TRANSITION   METAL CHEMISTRY SCI 四区 贺雄(学),陈方敏(学),周池池(学),张丹(学),黎燕,张秀清,刘汉甫(外)
143 期刊论文 Fabrication   and electrochemical properties of hollow cage-like nickel cobalt layered   hydroxides with porous structure Acta   Physica Sinica(物理学报) SCI 四区 杨文,丁倩瑶(学),翟冬梅(学),薄开雯(学),冯艳艳,文婕(外),何方
144 期刊论文 Antibacterial   Activity of Dodecylamine Dialdehyde Starch Schiff Base Derivatives STARCH-STARKE SCI 四区 李振彪(学),王晓娟,苗锦程(学),邢磊(学),张淑芬(外)
145 期刊论文 Synthesis,   Crystal Structure and characterization of Two Cobalt (II) Complexes based on   Pyridine Carboxylic Acid Ligands(2021年未计) ZEITSCHRIFT   FUR ANORGANISCHE UND ALLGEMEINE CHEMIE SCI 四区 魏润芝(学),刘峥,韦文厂(学),梁楚欣(学),韩国成(外),占灵(外)
146 期刊论文 含氟盘状液晶研究进展 精细化工 EI源刊
147 期刊论文 基于主成分分析的硝普钠处理对采后荔枝   活性氧代谢的影响 食品科学 EI源刊
148 期刊论文 n型有机热电材料掺杂改性的研究进展 材料导报 EI源刊
149 期刊论文 基于   2,5-二溴对苯二甲酸配体的锌 / 钴配合物合成、 晶体结构及性质 人工晶体学报 中文核心期刊
150 期刊论文 水系钠离子电池正极材料及电解液研究进展 电源技术 中文核心期刊
151 期刊论文 铋系光电材料及其在化学传感器中的应用 理化检验.化学分册 中文核心期刊
152 期刊论文 添加剂对高氯酸镁电解液中镁合金电极腐蚀行为的影响 材料保护 中文核心期刊
153 期刊论文 Ag元素掺杂Bi2S3   薄膜的制备及其光电性能研究 化工新型材料 中文核心期刊
154 期刊论文 三维有序大孔   La1-x K xNi0. 8Co0. 2O3 钙钛矿对柴油发动机碳烟的氧化研究 化学研究与应用 中文核心期刊
155 期刊论文 助剂型自修复涂层用纳米容器的研究进展 涂料工业 中文核心期刊
156 期刊论文 锂   /钠混合离子电池正极材料 Na2FePO4F/C 的第一性原理研究 原子与分子物理学报 中文核心期刊
157 期刊论文 酸橙内生菌   Bacillus thuringiensis Bt028 几丁质酶的分离纯化及其酶学性质 食品工业科技 中文核心期刊
158 期刊论文 酸橙内生菌   Bacillus thuringiensis Bt028 产几丁质酶的发酵条件优化 食品工业科技 中文核心期刊
159 期刊论文 外源褪黑素处理对采后荔枝生理品质的影响 食品研究与开发 中文核心期刊
160 期刊论文 外源过氧化氢处理对采后荔枝褐变及   活性氧代谢的影响 南方农业学报 中文核心期刊
161 期刊论文 La和Ce对Al-3Si-0.5Cu-0.7Fe铸造合金组织及性能的影响 特种铸造及有色合金 中文核心期刊
162 期刊论文 氧化木薯淀粉丁二酸酯-g-丙烯酸乙酯的制备及其吸附性能 化工环保 中文核心期刊
163 期刊论文 松香基荧光水性聚氨酯的制备及性能 化工进展 中文核心期刊
164 期刊论文 基于氟硼二吡咯亚甲基荧光探针的研究进展 化学试剂 中文核心期刊
165 期刊论文 黄酮类活性物质参与制备银纳米粒子的研究进展 食品与发酵工业 中文核心期刊
166 期刊论文 1   株产果胶酶中度嗜盐菌( Aspergillus aculeatus GLUT -01) 的鉴定及产酶条件优化 江苏农业科学 中文核心期刊
167 期刊论文 不同酸奶脂肪营养价值的评价及其影响因素 中国食品添加剂 中文核心期刊
168 期刊论文 水环境中微塑料的生态效应及去除研究进展 工业安全与环保 中文核心期刊
169 期刊论文 ICP-OES法同时测定贫锰矿石中多元素的研究 中国测试 中文核心期刊
170 期刊论文 中药植物山豆根的抑菌活性研究进展 现代盐化工 其他
171 期刊论文 果胶铋结合三联疗法对消化性胃溃疡患者疗效与复发情况的影响 白求恩医学杂志 其他
172 期刊论文 “互联网+”背景下桂北高校呼吸道传染病的预防控制应用分析 当代介入医学 其他


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