Dr. Chandrasekaran, Sundaram


Dr. Chandrasekaran,  Sundaram

Dr. Chandrasekaran, Sundaram born in Theni, Tamilnadu, India. Dr. Chandrasekaran received his B.S. degree in 2004 and M.S degree in 2006 from Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamilnadu, India. He received his Ph.D degree in 2013 from Gandhigram Rural University, Gandhigram, Tamilnadu, India. In 2013, he joined Korea University, Seoul, South Korea as a Research Professor and later he worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Ulsan, Ulsan, South Korea from Feb, 2014 to Feb, 2018. Later, from March 2018 to March 2020, Dr. Sundaram Chandrasekaran worked as a High Talent Post-Doctoral Research fellow at Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China. Since, June 2020 untill now, he is working as an Associate Professor at College of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, Guilin University of Technology, Guilin, Republic of China.

His research interests focus on the synthesis and applications of nanostructured inorganic materials, graphene, other 2D materials, upconversion materials, and high performance low-dimensional semiconducting nanomaterials, and on the development of new energy materials for electrocatalytic applications such as HER, ORR/OER, photocatalytic, photoelectrochemical water splitting and energy storage including nanogenerators. His most research papers were published in well recognized peer-reviewed international journals, such as Chem. Soc. Rev. Physics Reports, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Nano Energy, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Chemical Engineering Journal, Chem Sus Chem,  Journal of Power sources, Sensors and Actuators B, Fuels, RSC-Advances, Solar Energy Materials and Solar cells, Materials Letters, Crystal Research Technology etc, that have granted him with national and international recognition in the fields of digestive materials science and energy harvesting.


Representative (few) papers in the past years

1. Sundaram Chandrasekaran,Chenle Zhangc, Yiqing Shu, Huide Wang, Sanming Chen, Thomas Nesakumar Jebakumar Immanuel Edison, Yongping Liu, Namachivayam Karthi, RDK Misra, Libo Deng, Peng Yin, Yanqi Ge, Omar A. Al-Hartomy,  Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, Swelm Wageh, Peixin Zhang, Chris Bowen, and Zhang Han “Advanced opportunities and insights on the influence of nitrogen incorporation on the physico-/electro-chemical properties of robust electrocatalysts for electrocatalytic energy conversion” Coordination Chemistry Reviews 449(2021) 214209 (Impact factor: 22.35)

2. Thomas Nesakumar Jebakumar Immanuel Edison, Raji Atchudan, Namachivayam Karthik, Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Suguna Perumal, Pandian Bothi Raja, Veeradasan Perumal, Yong Rok Lee, “Deep eutectic solvent assisted electrosynthesis of ruthenium nanoparticles on stainlesssteel mesh for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction”. Fuel. 297 (2021) 120786 (Impact factor: 6.61)

3. Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Dingtao Ma Yangqi Ge,  Libo Deng, Chris Bowen,   James Roscow,  Yan Zhang, Zhiqun Lin, RDK Misra,  Jianqing Li,   Peixin Zhang, and Han Zhang. “Electronic Structure Engineering on Two-Dimensional (2D) Electrocatalytic Materials for Oxygen Reduction, Oxygen Evolution, and Hydrogen Evolution Reactions”. Nano Energy 7(2020) 105080 (Impact Factor: 17.88)

4. Liu, Wei, Peng Geng, Shiqing Li, Rui Zhu, Wenhui Liu, Huidan Lu, Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Youyong Pang, Dayong Fan, and Yongping Liu. "Self-supported three-dimensional WP2 (WP) nanosheet arrays for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution.". International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 53 (2020): 28576-28585 (Impact Factor: 5.82)

5. Jianhui Zhu, James Roscow, Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Libo Deng, Peixin Zhang, Tingshu He, Kuo Wang, and Licong Huang. “Biomass-derived Carbons for Sodium Ion Batteries and Capacitors”. ChemSusChem. 13(2020), 1275-1294 (Impact Factor: 8.93).

6. Sanming Chen, Shiqiang Cui, Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Chong Ke, Zhong Li, Peihang Chen, Chenhua Zhang and Yongdong Jian. “Growth of CuCo2O4@MnMoO4 core/shell nanosheet arrays for high energy density asymmetric supercapacitors”. Electrochimica Acta. 341 (2020), 135893-135898 (Impact Factor: 6.91).

7. Sundaram Chandrasekaran*, Yao, Lei; Bowen, Chris; Zhang, Yan; Zhang, Peixin; Chen, Sanming ; Deng, Libo; Lin, Zhiqun; Peng, Feng “Recent advances in metal sulfides: From controlled fabrication to electrocatalytic, photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical water splitting and beyond” Chemical Society Reviews – 48 (2019), 4178-4280 (Impact factor: 54.57).

8. Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Chris Bowen, Peixin Zhang, Zheling Li, Qiuhua Yuan, Xiangzhong Ren, and Libo Deng, Tailoring the geometric and electronic structure of tungsten oxide with manganese or vanadium doping toward highly efficient electrochemical and photoelectrochemical water splitting. J. Mater Chem A.  7 (11)( 2019), 6161-6172 (Impact factor: 12.73)

9. Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Chris Bowen, James Roscow, Yan Zhang, Dinh Khoi Dang, Eui Jung Kim, RDK Misra, Jin Suk Chung, Seung Hyun Hur. Micro-scale to Nano-scale Generators for Energy Harvesting: Self Powered Piezoelectric, Triboelectric and Hybrid Devices. Physics Reports, 792(2019),1-33 (Impact factor: 25.74).

10. Sanming Chen, Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Shiqiang Cui, Zheling Li, Ganlong Deng, Libo Deng. Self-supported NiMoO4@CoMoO4 core/sheath nanowires on conductive substrates for all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry., 846 (2019), 113153. (Impact factor: 4.47)

11. Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Seung Hyun Hur. Mesoporous ruthenium metal organic framework core shell templated CdS/rGO nanosheets catalyst for efficient bifunctionalelectro-catalytic oxygen reactions. Materials Research Bulletin, 112(2019), 95-103(Impact factor: 4.65)

12. Dang, Dinh Khoi, Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Yen-Linh Thi Ngo, Jin Suk Chung, Eui Jung Kim, and Seung Hyun Hur. “Pyromellitic acid-derived highly fluorescent N-doped carbon dots for the sensitive and selective determination of 4-nitrophenol” Dyes and Pigments. 165(2019), 327-334 (Impact factor: 4.95) 

13. Khandelwal, Mahima, Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Seung Hyun Hur, and Jin Suk Chung."Chemically controlled in-situ growth of cobalt oxide microspheres on N, S-co-dopedreduced graphene oxide as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction." Journal of Power Sources 407 (2018): 70-83. (Impact factor: 9.14)

14. Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Chris Bowen, Peixin Zhang, Zheling Li, Qiuhua Yuan, Xiangzhong Ren, and Libo Deng, “Spinel photocatalysts for environmental remediation, hydrogen generation, CO2 reduction and photoelectrochemical water splitting J.Mater Chem A. (2018) 6, 11078-11104 (Impact factor: 12.73)

15. Dang, Dinh Khoi, Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Yen-Linh Thi Ngo, Jin Suk Chung, Eui Jung Kim, and Seung Hyun Hur. "One pot solid-state synthesis of highly fluorescent N and S co-doped carbon dots and its use as fluorescent probe for Ag+ detection in aqueous solution." Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 255(2018), 3284-3291; (Impact factor: 7.64).

16. Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Yen-Linh Thi Ngo, Dinh Khoi Dang, Lijun Sui, Eui Jung Kim, Jin Suk Chung, Seung Hyun Hur. “Highly enhanced visible light water splitting of CdS by green to blue upconversion” Dalton Trans 46 (40) (2017), 13912-13919 (Impact factor- 4.48).

17. Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Eui Jung Kim, Jin Suk Chung, Velusamy Senthilkumar, Yong Soo Kimc, Chris R Bowen, Vaia Adamaki, Seung Hyun Hur “Structurally tuned lead magnesium titanate perovskite as photoelectrode material for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting”. Chemical Engineering Journal 309 (2017) 682-690 (Impact factor: 13.27).

18. Sundaram Chandrasekaran, Eui Jung Kim, Jin Suk Chung, Chris R Bowen, Balasubramaniyan Rajagopalan, Vaia Adamaki, R.D.K. Misra, and Seung Hyun Hur, “High performance bifunctional electrocatalytic activity of a reduced graphene oxide - molybdenum oxide hybrid catalyst.  J. Mater. Chem. A. 4(34) (2016)13271-13279 (Impact factor: 12.73)

19. Sundaram Chandrasekaran,  Jin Suk Chung, Eui Jung Kim, Seung Hyun Hur, “Exploring complex structural evolution of graphene oxide/ZnO triangles and its impact on photoelectrochemical water splitting” Chemical Engineering Journal 290 (2016)465-476 (Impact factor: 13.27).




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