Welcome to Guilin

ISSSC will be held in Guilin Steigenberger Hotel by Guilin University of Technology during 18th-22nd October 2023.

This symposium brings together researchers from around the world interested in solid state chemistry. ISSSC will cover the following four topics:
(1) new directions of solid-state chemistry,
(2) emerging materials on energy and environment,
(3) advanced structural characterization and
(4) local or defect structures.

ISSSC was planned three years ago but hold up owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. ISSSC will be restarted and held Thursday 19th to Friday 22nd October 2023, with an opening reception for delegates on Wednesday 18th October. The meeting will be limited to less than 100 delegates to maximize opportunities for in-depth research discussions.


Advisory Committee

Prof. Shouhua Feng, Jilin University, China

Prof. Jianhua Lin, Peking University, China

Prof. Atony R. West, University of Sheffield, UK


Scientific Committee (To be updated)

Prof. J. Paul Attfield, University of Edinburgh, UK.

Prof. Xianran Xing, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China.

Prof. John S.O. Evans, University of Durham, UK.

Prof. Amparo Fuertes, Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona, Spain

Prof. Hiroshi Kageyama, Kyoto University, Japan

Prof. Jun Chen, Hainan University, China

Prof. Junliang Sun, Peking University, China



Prof. J. Paul Attfield, University of Edinburgh,

Prof. Xianran Xing, University of Science and Technology Beijing



Confirmed speakers so far are:


  • 1) Prof. Xianran Xing, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
  • 2) Prof. J. Paul Attfield,University of Edinburgh, UK

3) Prof. Mathieu Allix, CEMHTI, CNRS, France

    Titile: New out-of-equilibrium oxides elaborated by crystallisation from glass or the molten state

4) Prof. Hiroshi Kageyama, Kyoto University, Japan

    Title: Strain engineering of properties in mixed-anion compounds

5) Prof. Yuichi Shimakawa Kyoto University, Japan

    Titile: Novel functional properties induced by charge transitions in oxides
6) Prof. Takafumi Yamamoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    Titile: Determination of the reaction pathways for designing solid-state compounds
7) Prof. Ru-Shi Liu,University of Taiwan
    Titile: Development of Solid-State Li-ion and Metal-Air batteries
8) Prof. Artem R. Oganov, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia

    Title:New Look at Old Things: Electronegativities, Chemical Hardnesses, and Stability of Molecules and Crystals
9) Prof. Vladimir Cherepanov, Ural Federal University, Russia
      Titile: Perovskite-related Oxides in the Ln2O3-MO-TOx Systems: Phase Equilibria, Crystal Structure, and Oxygen Content
10)Prof. Susana García Martín, Department of Inorganic Chemistry. Complutense University of Madrid. Spain
       Titile:Long range ordering structural modulations in layered-perovskite oxides inducing 2D properties

11)Prof. Sergii Khmelevskyi, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
      Title: Toward Predictive Theory of the Anomalous Volume Magnetostriction in Invar Alloys

12)Prof. Dr. Valeriy Sidorov, Ural State Pedagogical University, Russia
     Title: Amorphous-Nanocrystalline Al-based Alloys with Improved Characteristics.

13)Prof. Ming Li(李明), Nottingham University, UK

      Title: Enhancing/Suppressing Electronic and Ionic Conductivity in Metal Oxides

14) Prof. Yang Ren(任阳), City University of Hong Kong

      Title: Atomic Pinning Mitigates Voltage Decay in Li-Rich Mn-Based Layered Oxide Cathode

15)Prof. Lin Gu (谷林), Tsinghua University

      Title: Insight into Energy Storage Materials from a Reductionist Perspective

16)Prof. Xueyuan Chen (陈学元), Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure

      Title: Luminescent All-Inorganic Perovskite Nanocrystals: Electronic Structure and Optical Properties

17) Prof. Ping Miao (缪平), China Spallation Neutron Source

      Title: The Design and Current Status of the High-Resolution Neutron Diffractometer at China Spallation Neutron Source

18) Prof. Junliang Sun (孙俊良), Peking University

      Title: 3D electron Diffraction on Nano-Crystals

19) Prof Junling Wang (王峻岭), Southern University of Science and Technology

      Title: Controlling Magnetization (and Spin) by Electric Field

20) Prof. Ling Chen (陈玲), Beijing Normal University

      Title: Exploring and Property Enhancing of Inorganic Functional Compounds

21) Prof Zhihua Sun (孙志华), Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure

      Title: Exploring Molecule-Based Antiferroelectrics with Solid-State Energy Storage Properties

22) Prof. Manrong Li (李满荣), Hainan University

      Title: 待定

23) Prof. Minghui Yang (杨明辉), Dalian University of Technology

      Title: Unleashing the Power of Metal Nitrides in Functional Materials

24) Prof. Guocong Guo (郭国聪), Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure

      Title: Electronic Structure Crystallography: From Crystal Structure to Electronic Structure

25) Prof. Ling Huang (黄岭), Xinjiang University

      Title: Frenkel Defect-modulated Anti-thermal Quenching Luminescence in Sc2(WO4)3:Ln

26) Prof. Qiang Li (李强), University of Science and Technology Beijing

      Title: Local Structure in Nanocatalysts

27) Prof. Lidong Zhao (赵立东), Beihang University

      Title: Wide Bandgap Thermoelectrics



University of Science and Technology Beijing

The University of Edinburgh

Guilin University of Technology


Local organizing committees

Chair: Prof. Fupei Liang

Secretary: Xiaojun Kuang, Youping Liu, Congling Yin

Members: Liang Fang, Laijun Liu, Xiaoyan Yang, Yaoming Liu, Jungu Xu, Fengqi Lu, Alberto J. F. Carrion, Changzheng Hu, Ying Tang



Outline Programme

Wednesday 18th October
8:00-20:00 Registration

Evening, Welcome Reception, Guilin Steigenberger Hotel (施柏阁酒店)


Thursday 19th October
Morning, Opening ceremony; Conference sessions, Guilin Steigenberger Hotel (施柏阁酒店)
Afternoon, Conference sessions, Guilin Steigenberger Hotel (施柏阁酒店)
Evening, free


Friday 20th October
Morning, Conference sessions, Guilin Steigenberger Hotel (施柏阁酒店)
Afternoon, Conference sessions, Guilin Steigenberger Hotel (施柏阁酒店)
Evening, Conference Dinner, Guilin Steigenberger Hotel (施柏阁酒店)


Saturday 21st October
free discussions and city tour

Sunday 22nd October



Accommodation in Guilin Steigenberger Hotel (施柏阁酒店, five star hotel) will be booked by the local organizing committees for the invited delegates during the conference. The delegates will pay for the accommodations on arrival at the conference agreement prices.

One useful guide on the accommodation can be found on



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The registration is free.
Anyone wishing to attend the ISSSC should send an email to Prof. Congling Yin (congling.yin@glut.edu.cn) by 15th Aug. 2023 for the international delegates and by 15th Sept. 2023 for the domestic delegates from China. The invitation letter for the international delegates to attend the ISSSC for the VISA application can be provided upon request to Prof. Congling Yin (congling.yin@glut.edu.cn).

Abstract Submission

Anyone wishing to contribute an oral or poster presentation should send an abstract to Prof. Congling Yin (congling.yin@glut.edu.cn) by 15th Aug. 2023.